Subject Type: Simple Illusion

Simple illusions can have a lasting impact. Every idea presented in this section is simple to learn and relies on gimmicks and only a small amount of sleight of hand. Using these tricks allows you to wow your audience as you explain God’s power, his infinite love, and his divine knowledge.

Lessons With This Subject Type

God Knows – ESP Cards

Our brains can only process so much information and remember so many facts. God’s wisdom is limitless. He knows and understands the things we can’t even see.

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We help lead people to Jesus so he can “untwist” their lives, and we look forward to the day when everything will be made whole again.  

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Transformed Bunnies

A lot of people spend their whole lives trying to change themselves. The problem is that most of our efforts fail, and we revert back to our original, flawed self.

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