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Inside Out – Complete 5 Week Bundle

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Five week sermon series using the Disney movie ‘Inside Out’ as inspiration.

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Inside Out Week 1 - The Holy Spirit


Inside Out Week 2 - The Price that was Paid


Inside Out Week 3 - Our Part


Inside Out Week 4 - Transformed


Inside Out Week 5 - How We See The World



Every week of the Inside Out series comes complete with a manuscript, directions on a visual object lesson to use during the message, a video illustrating how you might use the object lesson, a sermon graphic, and a recommended clip from the Pixar movie Inside Out (we do not own the rights to his movie, nor are we selling nay part of this movie. Rather, we are simply suggesting a way you might use this film to teach the gospel).

Week 1 message – you will explore how the Holy Spirit marks as belonging to God, and seeks to take over the driver’s seat in our lives. The message focuses on Ephesians 1:13-14 and Romans 8:5-6, but it includes a lot of different scriptures about the Holy Spirit.

Week 2 lesson – you will explore Romans 8 as a symphony of grace that declares God’s love for us, and his desire to us transformed into his image.

Week 3 message – you will explore how we are supposed to respond to the gospel message. It focuses heavily on Peter’s sermon in Acts 2, and the directions given in Acts 2:38
regarding repentance and baptism.

Week 4 lesson – you will explore Romans 12:1-2, use playdough, and challenge your congregation to live transformed by God rather than conforming the ways of the world.

Week 5 lesson – you will explore Acts 17 and Ephesians 2 while proclaiming the reality that all people are made in God’s image. Challenge your audience to love people the same way God does.

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Inside Out – Complete 5 Week Bundle
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