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Your primary resource for visual teaching illustrations.

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Find visual preaching & teaching lessons organized by type.

Simple Illusions

Easy tricks that will wow your audience while you explain God's power.

Science Demonstrations

Create powerful visuals to capture the imagination.

Object Lessons

Give your listeners a concrete visual connection with your message.

Media Resources

Use clips from popular videos to drive home a point as you connect with your listeners.

Dollar Store Ideas

Teach visually even when your budget is tight using objects easily found at a dollar store.

Teaching Series

View our full sermon series available for purchase.

Purchase a Teaching Series

We have prepared full sermon series for you to purchase and use with your own congregation.

Woman removing mask
Alka Seltzer tablets in water glass
Mirror against wall
Rabbit drawing

About Us

I have a superpower. I can’t fly, change shapes, or shoot lasers out of my eyes, but I can make an object lesson out of just about anything. 

Calling it a superpower might be a bit of a stretch, but it’s definitely a God-given gift honed over twenty years of teaching and preaching.

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