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Use clips from popular videos to drive home a point as you connect with your listeners.

About Media Resources

Media resources include video clips from popular movies, music videos of Christian music, and scenes from favorite television series. Using videos is a great way to drive home a point as you connect with your listeners.

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Media Resource

Puny God – The Avengers

Jeremiah’s God is living and active. He created the universe and controls the weather. There is evidence of his power all around us. On the other hand, the idols are made out of gold, have no breath, and no power. They are puny gods.

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Red Stage Curtain
Media Resource

Never Enough – The Greatest Showman

The song repeatedly reminds the listener that no matter how much fame or success they earn, it will never be enough. It reminds us of the futility of seeking joy, meaning, and purpose in something as trivial as accomplishment or wealth.

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Media Resource

Pride & Humility – A Few Good Men

We hang plaques on our wall, post on social media, and mention our accomplishments in nearly every conversation. We want the world to know just how great we really are. This is an issue of pride.

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