God Knows – ESP Cards

Our brains can only process so much information and remember so many facts. God’s wisdom is limitless. He knows and understands the things we can’t even see.

The Object Lesson – ESP Cards

This lesson includes requires a set of ESP Cards that I purchased from Penguin Magic. These cards have one of five symbols (wave, circle, square, cross, or star) on the front of the card. The trick to the cards is that you can identify the picture on the front of the card by looking at the back of card. This is a “magic trick,” but it is quite simple to learn and perfect, so it serves as a perfect entry into doing stage illusions.

These gimmicked cards allow you to have the appearance of predicting the future or having special knowledge. It serves as a powerful way to demonstrate God’s ability to know and understand far more than we can even imagine.

Bible Lesson – God’s Wisdom

In 1 Corinthians 1:25 Paul writes, “For the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom.” Many of the spiritual problems we have begin with a failure to recognize God’s wisdom. We think we know better than God. Part of the reason Adam and Eve committed the original sin is because they wanted to be able make their own definition of right and wrong instead of trusting God. We often think our plans might be wiser than God’s plan, but Paul is clear. even God’s foolishness is better than our wisdom. God on his worst day is still wiser than we have ever been.

Where our vision is limited, God’s is infinite. We make decisions based on the information we have today, but we don’t know what new information will appear tomorrow. God, on the other hand, is not constrained by time. We make plans because of the circumstances around us, but we are unable to see how these plans might affect people living in a different town, state, or country. God, however, is not limited by location. Our brains can only process so much information and remember so many facts. God’s wisdom is limitless. He knows and understands the things we can’t even see.

Other Scriptures to Study

Here are just a few passages that speak about and demonstrate the vast wisdom of God.

Job 38-39 – God’s Questions

Job and his friends have been questioning God’s goodness and wisdom in the way Job has been punished. In chapters 38-39, God unloads a list of questions on Job. He is proving, through rhetorical questions, that Job has no understanding of how the world really works.

Psalm 139:1-6 – God Knows Us

David declares that God knows everything there is to know about him. God knows the words David wants to say before the words are even on his lips.

Romans 11:33 – The Depth of Wisdom

Paul breaks into praise about the incredible depths of God’s wisdom. He indirectly compares them to an ocean whose depths are unsearchable.

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Trust in God’s Power

God must be the source of our strength. On our own, life is too hard. We get tired. We give up. We fail. But when we trust in him, are able to keep going. Our strength is renewed. What we cannot face on our own, we endure because our strength comes from him.

Magical Growing Animals

Christ wants to change us beyond just the surface level; he wants to transform us so deeply that even our patterns of thought are renewed.

God Never Changes

We can trust in God because of his unchanging faithfulness. God was perfect. He is perfect. He will always be perfect. This is why we build our life upon him and his promises.

The Law of the Pendulum

Do we really trust Jesus with everything? Do we trust in him to provide for our future? Do we trust him to protect us when we take risks on his behalf? When the rubber meets the road, do we trust him more than our fears?

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