Poured Out – Immeasurable Grace

Other people do give up on us when we mess up too much, but not God. His grace is immeasurable. His love surpasses understanding. He never runs out of blessing.

The Object Lesson – Lota Bowl

The Lota Bowl (purchase one here) is one of the simplest illusions you can learn to perform. It takes very little sleight of hand or practice to create a really compelling effect. Essentially you can fill the bowl with a liquid of your choosing, and repeatedly pour out ALL THE WATER. Each time you pour, it will appear the bowl is empty, but a few moments later, you will be able to repeat the effect with more water.

This illusion is perfect for teaching about Elijah & the widow’s never ending jar of oil, God’s daily provision during the Exodus, or in this case, the never-ending love and grace of God. As you teach about God pouring out his grace, pour the contents of jar out, holding it until it appears to be empty. Then, continue teaching about another time God blessed you. After a few moments (30 seconds or more), you will be able to “fully pour” more water out of the jar. You can easily repeat four to eight times during your teaching.

Bible Lesson – Never-ending Love & Grace

Saying that God’s love is as deep as the ocean short changes just how deep it really is. Any attempt to measure the goodness, the love, or the grace of God is going to fall short. Ephesians 2:7 tells us the riches of God’s grace are so big they can’t be measured. In Ephesians 3:18-19 Paul prays that we might know just how wide and long and high and deep God’s love is, but then points out that it is a love that surpasses understanding. Romans 5:20 tells us that no matter how much our sin increases, grace will increase even more.

Sometimes in our walk with Christ we might feel like we have used up God’s grace. We might feel like there isn’t enough love or blessing left for us. We believe this because every other relationship in our life works that way. Other people do give up on us when we mess up too much, but not God. His grace is immeasurable. His love surpasses understanding. He never runs out of blessing.

Scriptures to Study and Use

Romans 5:20-21- Grace Increases

No matter how big the mountain of sin, grace is always bigger. It increases all the more.

Ephesians 3:14-19 – Paul’s’ Prayer

Paul prays that we may know just how big God’s love is, but also reminds us it is a love that surpasses understanding.

Ephesians 2:6-10 – Immeasurable Riches

A beautiful passage on the immeasurable value of grace.

Luke 15:1-32 – Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, Lost Sons

The three parables about lost things illustrate, at least in part, the vastness of God’s grace.

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More Lessons

Trust in God’s Power

God must be the source of our strength. On our own, life is too hard. We get tired. We give up. We fail. But when we trust in him, are able to keep going. Our strength is renewed. What we cannot face on our own, we endure because our strength comes from him.

Magical Growing Animals

Christ wants to change us beyond just the surface level; he wants to transform us so deeply that even our patterns of thought are renewed.

God Never Changes

We can trust in God because of his unchanging faithfulness. God was perfect. He is perfect. He will always be perfect. This is why we build our life upon him and his promises.

The Law of the Pendulum

Do we really trust Jesus with everything? Do we trust in him to provide for our future? Do we trust him to protect us when we take risks on his behalf? When the rubber meets the road, do we trust him more than our fears?

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