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Red Stage Curtain
Media Resource

Never Enough – The Greatest Showman

The song repeatedly reminds the listener that no matter how much fame or success they earn, it will never be enough. It reminds us of the futility of seeking joy, meaning, and purpose in something as trivial as accomplishment or wealth.

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Media Resource

Pride & Humility – A Few Good Men

We hang plaques on our wall, post on social media, and mention our accomplishments in nearly every conversation. We want the world to know just how great we really are. This is an issue of pride.

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Simple Illusion

Transformed Bunnies

A lot of people spend their whole lives trying to change themselves. The problem is that most of our efforts fail, and we revert back to our original, flawed self.

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Science Demonstration

Under Pressure

Have you ever had such good news you couldn’t wait to share it with someone? Good news is meant to be shared.

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